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Projects From An Artist's Loft

Time we travel through longer than our lives
The Heavens are Open and deny us nothing
We are Sources, the gods and demons of each others lives
Who will you save with kindness? Who will you kill with cruelty?
On which side of the great divide
does your Heart lie?

apparently, a little info is necessary:
ALL artwork is copyrighted by the artist, and may not be used without permission. Please respect me and my work by asking rather than stealing it for use in any way.
My artwork is sold in galleries throughout the U.S., artwork prints, and licensed art gift lines are available in my eBay store, and website. I have done several huge corporate design projects, see my art journal for more info. Please contact me directly regarding commissioned art projects or a list of galleries that sell my artwork.

Visit my eBay auctions to see what's for sale.
eBay Store: Henle Fine Art Studio
Artwork Galleries:
Watercolor Gallery
Oil Gallery
Pastel Gallery
Jewelry Gallery

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